Welcome to the website of the probabilistic planning system PROST. Development was started sometime around December 2010 by Patrick Eyerich and Thomas Keller. The PROST planner participated at IPPC 2011 and won the competition. Florian Geißer has joined the team of developers in early 2014.

An overview on the algorithms used in the IPPC 2011 configuration is described in the ICAPS 2012 paper [1]. PROST is based on the UCT algorithm, which is initialized with a iterative deepening search on a most-likely determinized simplification of the original task. The used input language is RDDL.

In 2013, the PROST planner has been extended and is now a framework that supports several UCT variants which are described in the ICAPS 2013 paper [2]. We plan to implement several additional THTS algorithms in the near future. We are also working on the planner to make it understand larger parts of RDDL.

In case you have any questions about the usage of PROST, feel free to write an email to the PROST development team. If you encounter a bug, please check the list of known issues if it is already known and let us know via email if it is not.